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Welcome to the page of the First International Seminar of Minority Languages (SILM) organised by the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture (Real Academia de Cultura Valenciana o RACV), dedicated in this first edition to Minority Languages in the European Union.

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The language of a community is one of the most characteristic features in its culture. In a time when cultural globalisation presses in favour of a progressive and impoverishing linguistic uniformity, the interest to strengthen and to defend lesser-used languages grows steadily because they are unequivocal signs of collective identity and of cultural wealth.

The Real Academia de Cultura Valenciana (RACV) has been implied since its foundation in 1915 in the promotion of the patrimonial culture of the Valencian people and in particular of their mother language, Valencian. Now this old scientific institution widens its research field embracing the study of minority languages, persuaded that in a global world co-operation among the different threatened cultures is the only possible way to preserve this invaluable wealth, an authentic humankind's heritage.



The programme preview is announced.


The requirements for sending originals are simplified and the deadline for  abstracts is prolonged to July 10th


The Associacio d'Escritors en Llengua Valenciana (AELLVA or Valencian Language Writers' Associations) confirms its participation in the SILM's organisation

4th March, Dia de la Cultura Valenciana (Valencian Culture Day)

The Section of Language and Literature of the RACV confirms the launching of the Valencian language version of the Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights  as one of the SILM's proceedings.


The Section of Language and Literature passes the SILM's provisional programme.


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