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A. Requirements for fulfilment and sending of communications' abstracts

1. Communications should be original. That is to say, they shouldn't have been published nor presented in previous scientific meetings.

2. Abstracts should be sent to the Technical secretariat before JUNE 10th 2002.

3. Abstracts should be sent in electronic format in Word 97 (or previous) and will use font Times New Roman 10. It shouldn't be longer than 250 words.

5. The maximum number of authors should be of six, underlining the last name of that who is to present the communication. He or she should necessarily be registered at the SILM.

6. Three to six key words should describe the content of the communication.

7. Title should go in uppercase and should occupy a maximum of two lines.

8. Body text should be structured in four sections: Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

9. Authors should express their preference to present the original as a speech or as a poster.

B. Norms for assessing communications' abstracts

1. Three members of the Scientific Committee will assess abstracts for their acceptance. Each of the following points will be evaluated:

a) Originality: 0 to 5 points.
b) Methodology: 0 to 10 points.
c) Interest of being presented to the Seminari: 0 to 10 points.
d) Presentation of results. 0 to 5 points.

The total score will be used for rating and accepting the communications. The Scientific committee will communicate the authors in writing the acceptance or rejection of their communication before JUNE 17 2002. The Scientific committee will also decide the way the communication should be presented, speech or poster, attending if possible the preference expressed by the authors.

C. Norms for the presentation of speeches

1. The author should be present in the room assigned 10 minutes before the beginning of the session and should introduce himself to the chairperson of the table.

2. The speech should be structured in Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

3. 20 minutes strictly controlled by the chairperson should be available for the speech.

4. Slides or support diskettes for the presentation should be delivered to the Technical secretariat staff detached to the Palau de Congressos de Valencia at least with an hour of advance.

5. It is strongly recommended that the slides or transparencies have a graphic quality. It is not advisable that the text occupies more than 4 or 5 lines nor that the graphics or charts contain too many data or rows and columns.

6. The definitive text of the accepted communications should be sent to the Technical secretariat in a diskette or by e-mail in Word97 format (or previous) before JUNE 30 for publishing purposes. The text should be written in Times New Roman 10 and shouldn't exceed 6 DIN-A4 pages. The text should be preceded by an abstract with a maximum of 250 words.

D. Norms for posters presentation

1. Posters' content should be structured in four sections: Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

2. Fonts used should be readable at 2 meters.

3. The Technical secretariat of the SILM will comunicate the authors the assigned place for accepted posters and the time determined for their presentation.

4. Posters should be vertical and should measure a maximum of 140 cm high and 95 cm wide.


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